VISIT HVAR - Island Hvar
Island Hvar - Croatia - Today Hvar is one of most visited and popular touristic destination of Dalmatia.

Island Hvar - Croatia

island of heather, sunshine and crickets, the island of lavender, sage and wine ...


Island Hvar is by it's size the fourth island in the Adriatic sea, surface of 299.6 km2, length 68 km, and the largest width of the island is 10.5 km. In 47 localities on the island lives 11,459 inhabitants. Hvar is known by it's developed wine and lavender growing.

Island Hvar is known for it's good climate conditions, so even in 1868. year here began organized medical tourism. Hvar has the longest insulation (2718 hours per year). Winters are mild, and snow is so rare that tourist workers give gratis-service in case of snowing on the island.

Well known magazine "The Traveller" 1997. year, proclaimed the island Hvar one of 10 most attractive tourist destination in present time.

Otok Hvar
Hvar Stari Grad Jelsa Vrboska Sucuraj

Larger places important tourist destinations of the island Hvar are: