VISIT HVAR - Island Hvar


JelsaJelsa is situated in a bay on the north-middle side of the island Hvar. It is formed around 5 squares, and consist of two basic parts: Vele Bande on the south shore and Male Bande on the north. Place started to develope in XV. century, in XIX. century harbour was formed. Cultural monuments and historical rich heritage come from the antient old Greeks, as from Roman period.

JelsaJelsa has rich vegetation that is rare in Dalmatia. Thick pine forrest, sandy beaches are pleasant sight for all visitors. From both sides of the harbor there are coves, ideal for rest and swimming. Wine tree culture is popular here and the quality red wine from Jelsa is well known.

JelsaPeople knew how to use natural location in protected harbour that hills surrounds. It has become naval, trade and agricultural centre that has well fit into growing tourism. Picturesque landscape of woody bays with sandy beaches leads many visitors to visit Jelsa for the summer holidays.